Ecological walks are the nature and tribal trails at BNAC .

Nature Trail

Nature Trail is a short walk in Bhavan’s Nature & Adventure Centre, where in the visitors observe variety of Plants, Flowers, Butterflies, Birds, etc.  During this 45 minute walk, the visitors are introduced to Wild & Medicinal Plants, Orchids, Creepers, Shrubs, Vegetable & Fruit plants and explained about the plant-animal inter-relationships.

The walk contains explanation on the life cycle of Butterfly, uses and Importance of Trees & the Ecological balance. The trail also includes Bird watching, introduction to aquatic animals and interaction on various nature related facts.

This activity mainly highlights Conservation of Nature and Wildlife.


 Tribal Trail

Among the humans, only the Tribal people live close to Nature. Their life is in harmony with the surrounding environment. They survive on bare minimum and do not waste. Therefore, mannequins of few selected Tribes are created and set up in the wild-like environs of the Centre.

The Tribal Trail consists of a short walk inside the Centre, among tree cover, watching these statues & discovering the ways of their living including rituals, traditions, costumes, dances, masks, totems and so on.

Animal loving & Tree protective Bishnoi tribe of Rajasthan, Konyaks of Nagaland, Mishmi of Arunachal, Lepchas of Sikkim, Amahuacas of Amazon, Masai & Zulu of Africa, etc are the few tribes from India and the world, who have found place in this Tribal Trail at BNAC.