Barking Beauty

Dogs at Glance

There is a long history of complex interactions between humans and animals. This is quite noticeable in the canine world especially that of a dog.  A dog is a not only man’s best friend, but they are our close companions and guards too!  There has been a widespread coverage of animal-assisted activity, therapy programs and service dog trainings.

Every year Bhavan’s Nature & Adventure Centre (BNAC) in collaboration with the Indian National Kennel Club (INKC) organizes a successful dog show for these exuberant little beings.  About 40 different types of dog breeds participate in the festival every year.  Breeds like Saluki (one of the fastest running breed), German Shepherd, Doberman, Pugs, Siberian Husky and special breeds like the Newfoundland, Border Collie, Miniature Pinscher (King of Toy Breed) etc. are also spotted.  A glimpse of rare breeds like Caravan Hound, Bull Mastiff, French Bulldogs, English bull dogs, Chihuahua, Boxer, Mini Pomeranian, Great Dane, Cocker Spaniel and Thai Ridge Back can be observed during the fest.

Every year it has been a grand success with more than 150 participants


Another interesting feature, the Mumbai Police Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad addressing how dogs play a useful role in keeping citizens lives safe.  The team demonstrated how dogs can sniff explosives like RDX.

The dog show takes place on all the three days with a variety of competitions like sniffing test, fashion show, talent competitions, intelligence and obedience test etc.  Awards like ‘Happy Go Lucky Dog’, ‘Best Of Breed’, ‘Best Handler’ are presented to the winners.

This year, the dog show will be managed by Mrs. Ratty Javeri, Honorary Secretary and Mr.Firoz Javeri, Vice President of the INKC who are knowledgeable veterans and highly acclaimed in their field.